Thursday, February 4, 2016

Craft Therapy Time

I have heard it time and time again... "I'd love to do my crafts, but I can't find the time", " life is just too busy ", " one of these days I will have time to Scrapbook "... Here are my thoughts... You will never have the time unless you make it! 
Would you stop taking your son to football or your daughter to dance because you don't have the time? No! You schedule it in... Right? Or would you not go in for your yearly check up at the doctors? Again it's put on the calendar and made time for!
Why can't your craft time be the same? Why not schedule yourself an hour a week, a few hours every two weeks, or maybe a weekend day of crafting? Getting your projects done, spending a little YOU time... Is good for your mind and heart! Create some craft therapy time!!

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