Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Where do you get your inspiration??

Inspiration comes to me in a lot of ways. Sometimes a stamp or paper shouts out that they need to go with a event or picture I have. Sometimes I look through a magazine and see something I just have to try! And sometimes when I am needing something new and fresh... I look at Pinterest. 

2 weeks ago Close to my Heart started a new weekly challenge. Each week they post a new challenge on Monday and you have until Friday to complete and post your art work. I found this layout on Pinterest and made it work for what I was wanting to do.
And won that weeks challenge.

A layout about my 2015 goal... and it worked to add to the goal. 6 layouts down... 359 left to make.

Monday, January 26, 2015

So many albums... so little time!

How many albums do you work on at once?? I have ADD.... I know this because of the way I scrapbook, along with other things ;)  Are you a chronological scrapbooker that works on one at a time, in order. Or are you like me and have many books going at the same time? Or... are you somewhere in between??
I scrapbook as I feel inspired. So chronological order does not work for me. I do feel that I might be better organized if I worked that way! But all the same... I don't!
I currently have an on going album for each of my four kids. As one album fills up... I start a new one. These albums will be given to them when they get married and start a family of their own. Because of that I also make a on going family album that will stay with my husband and I. 

I also have four family heritage albums I'm working on. I am making one for each line of my husbands and my family. These albums are an amazing journey! I am learning so much and just love looking back at the way things were in simpler times. These albums are very important to me, because without information and stories about who and what is in the pictures... they would just be old pictures! This way we will be able to look back at Great, Great Granddad and know that my son has his eyes.

Then there are the two albums I am working on that are my husband and my pictures from growing up. It's important to me to get these made with all the information while our parents are able to give it! I feel the books will go together wonderfully as a time line of where we came from, who we are and what a wonderful life we made together.

Don't forget about the amazing trip I just took my family on to DisneyLand!! I have to make an album all to its self with this trip! We spent three days at Disney and two at the beach. Oh and we road tripped it there and back. So many wonderful memories were made! We had two cameras, two cell phones and I gave the kids each a disposable camera to use.... SO... I have a ton of pictures from all different angles to pick from.

And last, but not least... I have my Close to my Heart album. I have had so very many wonderful experiences over the past five years. The friendships I have made, the trips I have taken, and the personal growth... all because of CTMH!!

So if you were counting.... that's 13 albums I am working on currently.
I would love to hear about how many albums you have currently being worked on! Comment on this post and a random winner will be picked and sent a special gift from me. Be sure to comment on or before 1/31/15... winner will be picked Feb. 1st.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 goal update #1

I am not as far into my 2015 goal as I would like to be... but it's a good start. I am using the calendars as part of my scrapbooking for this year (I have a feeling big and exciting things are going to happen this year). 

As always I will scrapbook as I feel inspired so I'm sure a little of everyone in my family's books will get some new pages ;p
I hope to have more to post next week.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

An amazing year to come!! 2015

I truly believe 2015 is going to be an amazing year!! I have set my goals high and see them coming true. And I will be documenting them all the way. 
Goal #1: A scrapbook layout for everyday. By Jan. 1st, 2016 I plan to have 365 layouts finished. Because I love all different scrapbooking styles... there will be a fun mix of classic, Studio J, Cricut, and Picture my Life. Check back to see weekly updates of the progress I have made through out the year.

To get the year off to a great start Close to my Heart has some up with some wonderful projects and deals:

Extra! Extra! Hostess Rewards

During the month of January, all Gatherings that reach $350 or higher will be eligible to receive up to 50% more Hostess Rewards! This means an additional $30, giving you the opportunity to earn up to $230 or more in select free products. This offer is only available during January and is the ideal pairing for your National Papercrafting Month Gatherings, so join in the celebration and watch your earnings grow!
Dates: Offer valid January 1, 2015–January 31, 2015.

Happy 2015!!