Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All About Me.. mom and me workshop


Page 1&2 Favorites (space to put 11 favorite things... color, food, song...)

Page 3&4 Family

Page 5&6 Pets (this can be changed to friends if no pets in family)

Page 7&8 School (Child's picture will be in the "A-door-able" window)

Page 9&10 When I grow up...

Workshop is $25 and includes everything you need to make this book with your child. (Paper may very) Please contact me to find out how to sign up for this wonderful keepsake workshop!

Workshop Kits... all you need!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cute Easter Basket!

Love this idea!

Easter crafts with the kids

One of the best things about Close to my Heart stamps, is that you can use them so many times!! It is so easy to let the kids stamp away on a project. I found these bare trees at the dollar store and helped the kids make eggs to color for the trees. I stamped and colored the bunnies for the base.
We also cut out eggs and the kids stamped and colored those. The "In the month of April" was a huge help!
Happy Easter creating everyone!!