Tuesday, September 1, 2015

You color my State?

I think the saying goes... You color my world... but for this hour I want to talk about our new colors, color line and States.
Close to my Heart has come up with seven new colors; Eggplant, Sapphire, Peacock, Fern, Saffron, Poppy and Pomegranate.
Find them on page 157 in the A.I. book.
New colors is not all that has come along in this new Idea book from CTMH... How about New Watercolor Paints, Paintbrushes,.. to add to our colorful collection of Watercolor Pencils, and ShinHan Touch Twin Markers found on page 146 of the A.I. book! 
If you haven't tried Fundamentals Paper yet... now is the time... because it just got better! Now you can get these glossy patterned papers in CTMH's four color groups still... but now you can also get Sticker Packs and Assortments!
Find them all on page 108 of the A.I. book.

"Home is where the heart is!"
Collect all 50 states... send love from any state to another. Or if you are like me... make a "We have moved" card with the state you came from and the one you are in now. 
*Also available for all Canadian Provinces and Territories. Find out more on page 103 in the A.I. book and online.

For this 2:00 hour... post a comment letting us know what state you are posting from.