Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today is the perfect day!!

Today is the perfect day to join my team!!
Close to my Heart is celebrating 30 years this year... and with all that comes new and exciting things in the upcoming months!! There is no better time to take that leap and start your own business... even if it is just to get a discount on your own supplies. 

Back in 2009 when I signed up my thoughts were, "why not, I'm not out anything because the kit has way more product than I can buy at that price!" And now with this new special... its even better!! Just think $99 will get you $400+ in product. And what are you out if you cant make it work as a business?? Nothing!! You will have $400 worth of fun supplies to use, and the rights to a good discount on other supplies.

Plus... there is no reason you can not succeed!! Close to my Heart gives you online training, there is a wide range of ways to connect with other consultants to help you and inspire you... And you get ME!! I will help you all the way. I have lived in the big city and in the small town and know what both markets are like. 

Now is a great time to join!! Close to my Heart is a debt free company so there is no need to worry about what has happened to other scrapbook companies. Plus they are growing, and starting up in other countries... and may someday be world wide.

Feel free to contact me for more details and with any questions!

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