Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How did I do that?

In July, when I taught at convention I had a few ladies ask how I made my spinning Ferris Wheel. 
Here you go:
Using the new Cricut Artiste Collection cartridge (Z1790) I cut the Ferris Wheel on page as large as I could. Note~ if the images in the book are in color... size coordinates. So 10.5 on the wheel will make the legs and box cars the right size. 
Then I took cardboard and traced and cut out the wheel and legs. Sandwiched the cardboard between two cut outs and glued them together. 
I cut the legs so that I could glue them to a TP roll for the center. A lot of liquid glass (Z679) was used! 
I then, with the help of my husband, found a candy holder light up fan and took it apart... used what we needed and glued it to one side of the wheel. This is how we got it to spin. 

I was assigned the Clementine paper pack (X7156B) so that is the paper I used for this project. I used our new color Saddle and the new Complements Canvas Shapes (X7156C) to hide the spinner on the outside of the wheel. The new Almond (Z1769) and Pink (Z1770) Glitz Glitter Gel were also used to hide the cardboard in between the cardstock.

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